On the Woad (again)

This is a collection of 24 recordings that I have made of Renaissance and Medieval Faire type songs and tunes. The music ranges from very traditional standards with bold harmonies to just plain silly filk singing with modern "medieval" lyrics set to possibly recognizable tunes.

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A Review

"On the Woad" captures that magic that was experienced by faire patrons twenty years ago. Clean in its simplicity, this is an album of traditional favorites without any pretension or extra dressing. This album even includes that old faire standby, "Greensleeves".

A particular favorite is "Past Times With Good Company." Is there anyone who has worked faire for ten years or more who is not familiar with this song? It is one of many songs that are not played that often at faires anymore. Hearing it on this album was a real treat.

Another tune that stands out is what seems to be the faire singer's contractual obligation song, "Wild Rover." This is a song that gets played to death, but here there is a fresh arrangement. This track could have been a throwaway, the nth recording of a song that has been played out, but instead it manages to make the song fun again. Taking a tired old tune and giving it new life is quite an accomplishment.

"The Celt Came Back" is another stand out song. Reminding me of the early works of Smee & Blog, this is a great send up of the "Cat Came Back". Clever lyrics tie this song into a tight package that will surely please any listener. If you close your eyes you can imagine this tune at any faire after hours party from years back.

This is a fun album that is a fine example of the Northern faire style of music. This is a CD that will take many a rennie back in time to old days at Bristol, TRF, or any number of other longstanding faires. This is the pure heart of renaissance faire music.

-Bob Brinkman of Modern Bard