Il Est Ne

This is my collection of traditional Christian Christmas music. The arrangements vary from purely instrumental melodies to intense vocal harmonies and chanting.

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A Review

One of the growing number of holiday themed albums being released by faire artists, "Il Est Né" is an album of traditional Christian Christmas tunes that has some warm moments for the holidays.

The album isn't just a collection of commonly recycled Christmas favorites, but instead has some delightful, yet underplayed traditional songs. "Bring a Torch Jeanette Isabella" has long been a favorite of mine and, while I prefer it a bit up-tempo, simply hearing it was a delight.

A track that truly stands out from the rest though is "Good King Wenceslas". Although the track is entirely instrumental, one is hard pressed to miss the lyrics. The song is simply so pure that it seems there should be no other way to listen to this song.

The only problem that this album has is one common to most Christmas album, most Christmas Carols are fairly short. One can easily find oneself wishing for a song to go on a bit longer, an extra refrain, a coda...anything.

Still, albums of this style and caliber are difficult to find. These days there is a shrinking number of renfolk who would consider releasing an album of Christian related music. The album is delightful and refreshing and is certainly will make a great stocking stuffer.
-Bob Brinkman of Modern Bard