HuzzaH Worship

HuzzaH Worship is my reinterpretation of the modern "WoW Worship" collections. This collection consists of several traditional melodic tracks played on various instruments accompanied by a couple of my own compositions and comedic early church commercial breaks.

A Review

If you wanted to purchase an album that gives you the complete feel of a Renaissance faire, this is the perfect album for you. It has good instrumental music and occasional humor.

Musically, the highlights for me on this album were #3, "St. Edith" and #9, "Dayenu". This doesn't mean that the playing is not as good on the other tracks, just that these stand out to me as being a cut above the rest. Definitely better than you would hear from the normal musician at any Renaissance faire.

The album starts out with a nod to Uncle Sam and the Army meets Monty Python with "The Inquisition". This mock advertisment almost makes you want to sign up.

The humor continues with #4, "Reliquary", which gives you the opportunity to buy your own piece of the true cross, or a piece of Mary's dress (in blue of course). Also #7, "Crazy Leo" is worth a listen if you are interested in a trip to the Holy Land.

Overall this album has a lot of humor, and great musicianship. While these songs lend themselves more torwards a Renaissance faire-goer's music collection, it is good enough to be in any collection that contains humorous music, or any that has music created with instruments from the past.

We need more music like this on regular radio, so please click on "Buy". You won't be dissapointed.
- Jason W. Strong