Fugli: The Musician, Bard, and Troubadour

As projects are completed, and milestones are passed, the CDs keep racking up. I do have a lot of material that remains unpublished over the last few years. Some are just games played on the inspiration of another, while others are planned parts of larger projects that have yet to see fruition.

This collection of mp3s are presented as low bit rate mono versions to just offer a glimpse into my audio world. Some of these are still in various stages of production and/or conception, and others are already available to the public in multiple CD collections.

I'm sure that many consider my sense of humor to be odd. I consider it refined and informed. Karen, my wife, calls it rudimentary.

I got an email from a podcaster once that asked if I was a Christian or if I just had a keen sense of history mixed with an odd touch of madness. I'm sure that it was my Crazy Leo's mock advertisement that I made for the Renaissance Festival Podcast that sparked the question.

My first individual CD was a Christmas collection looking at the history of carols in a non secular mode. My original aim was in diversity of instrumentation and presentation while still keeping an 'old' feel to the melodies.

One of my favorite tracks from "Il Est Ne" is a sort of stream of thought harmony in three parts: "The Coventry Carol".

My next CD is a compilation of many faire standards along with some new material I was working up for local medieval faires. I realized one day that I've forgotten more songs than I know at any one time, so I began recording some of the ones that I liked for faires for my own posterity. I used to do this sort of thing in college on cassette tape, but those get worn out, break, or get lost. I can keep mp3s in itunes, or on disk. This CD is basically filled to the gills with music ranging from my own arrangements of traditional pieces to silly filk.

I offer here a recording from "On the Woad" of an improvisational instrumental based on the chord progression of Greensleeves. This recording is also on a CD called "Circle" that was produced by rennie artists to help with relief for victims of Hurricane Katrina.

In 2007 I decided to expand my musical offerings by focusing on some of the works of William Shakespeare, the bard himself. I took a couple of my previous "On the Woad" offerings, and built the collection around them.

"Shakespeare: All the thrills without the frills" became that offering in both recorded and notated music form. I built up less packaging for this project because I want the work to stand for itself with the bard backing it up, not so much the packaging.

There is also an extra content CD of this project that includes a computer CD full of extra mp3 recordings and a pdf file of the sheet music book. The same CD also plays in a standard music CD player.

From this collection I offer here "It Was a Lover and His Lass" from Shakespeare's "As You Like It."

A while ago I was listening to one of the WOW! praise CDs and I thought it might be amusing to create one called HUZZAH! full of rennie inspired Christian music. Over the course of a couple years I embellished my non secular medivalish collection toward that goal. In 2008 I finished tracks for this cd, which is now available online.

One of my original pieces for this project is titled "Spirit Wind" and is based on the events of the day of Pentecost from in Acts 2.

Other present projects include fantasy music inspired by various sources. From Scarlet's Mid-Winter Renaissance Festival, I offer this Zoroesque song that I wrote, simply titled "The Fox." I wrote it after their faire CD was published, so you won't find it there.

I've also written some period faire music for special projects. This version of "Artur" was for the now defunct King Arthur Faire in Stroud Oklahoma. I never planned  on releasing it as part of a collection, but I decided to stick it on this collection.

I regularly play with a praise team at church as well, and sometimes when we need music and there just is not anything specific enough to cover the Sunday reading, I write something down. Our piano player calls this one kinda scary. I call it "Feed My Sheep." It is based on a passage in Acts where Jesus specifically asks Peter three times to feed his sheep.

Playing in the Water is the title of  the CD collection of contemporary Christian music that I produced with the St. John Praise  Team in 2008. The above track of "Feed My Sheep" appears on that with alternate vocals.

More recently, St. John put together a Christmas CD. It was a whirlwind project, and there are things that I would have done differently, given the time. We are most careful with copyright issues, and we even had an instrumental version of "The little Drummer Boy" put together before we did enough research on the song's origin to find that it was not in the public domain. I pitched in several modern takes on old hymnal material plus a few modern ones that I have written. It was a freebie CD called "A Gift of Christmas Music," and a free digital copy is available online.

Here I leave you with one last piece of rudimentary humor that I originally put together for the Renaissance Festival Podcast. I don't know that it ever aired, and I take that as a sign that they thought it either wasn't funny, or was too over the top controversial. Here's Divine Inspiration. You decide.
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