Fugli: the Artist and Artificer

Waft me on wings of time,
old and new are one.
Art is never past my prime,
and I have barely but begun.

My formal training is in studio art, and I basically use media of all sorts. My day job is as an art teacher where I use a historical perspective while we examine and experiment with traditional media.

I have gone through many periods, specializing in one subject or media just because it interests me. Once it was airbrushed glazes over value drawings. For a while, all of my work centered around the expressive qualities of hands.

Not even I know what my next venture will be until I begin to conceive it. Here are a few pieces reminiscent of some of my past efforts in no particular order.

My Web site, povera.com, has some of these and many more examples of my work.

These masks and wood cut prints  are some examples of mixed media fiber arts. Both have hand made paper as their base.

The masks were actually made for this photograph, which was used as the menu page for a DVD collection of Renaissance Faire Acts that I put together a while back.

The prints are a sort of pseudo medieval Andy Warhol tribute using modern materials in archaic manners. The four block prints represent the medieval symbols for the four gospel writers, while the paper is made entirely out of recycled "Time" and "Newsweek" magazines.

Some of my work has a light fantasy feeling. This watercolor is an example of an altered composition from a photograph that was used primarily for observation of hanging fabric and the shapes of musical instruments.

For a while I also delved into the world of web comics with "DeViations" - a comic about the Living City of Raven's Bluff. I played with simple shapes and extreme textures in digital media to put these vignettes together.

I try to make it a habit to take my camera to medieval and renaissance faires. This gives me a lot of good images that I can take with me into the studio. After some time alone with some traditional materials, and I create a portrait.

This is Chris in the garb of a Roman soldier from a past "King Arthur Faire" in Stroud, OK. He was nice enough to pose for this portrait, and I really liked the shine on the armor.

I have no idea who the woman is, but she stopped and allowed me to snap a photo of her which I later rendered in acrylic paint on an old piece of matte board.

I also do special order pieces within a theme. This poster was completed for a Synod Assembly of the ELCA. The rose window design incorporates scripture, and symbology dealing with the holy spirit, baptism and communion all set in a stylized crosslike lattice vaguely reminiscent of the national church's logo.

More recently I have found it therapeutic to work in tile mosaic. I like it because it gives an old world feeling to just about everything that I do. So I'll finish up with some recent examples of this work.