Well Met, I am Fugli...

t faire I am a scribe, artificer, and a modern bardic balladeer of the broadside tradition. I compose, recompose, and decompose music from today and ages past for both your and my amusement. Should you be unfamiliar with my music or artwork, you can learn more about what I do on my web site of povera.com.

y musical endeavors are manifold. I write some entirely original music, mostly Christian songs, but I compose a few for faire as well. I also compose new melodies to old broadsides from around the sixteenth century. Finally, I write new broadsides from existing melodies to add to similar work perpetuated by others of my ilk.

(As an artist, I also answer to the mundane name of Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder, under which I generally claim copyright to the work that I generate.)