The Faire Days of Spring

posted Jun 4, 2014, 9:23 AM by Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder
As the heat of summer approaches (though some claim 'tis here already), the spring faire season is winding down, and Castleton bids farewell once again.

I managed to make it to a few faires this year, and that keeps me a bit entertained. First and (foremost) was the Medieval Fair of Norman. Yes, they paid me to come out, but they really are a huge event and I welcome (nay challenge) all comers to compare them to any other like minded event. The theme is technically medieval, but we know that anachronisms are going to abound. So, why not embrace them? It is held in a public park next to a major university, and knowing what is period and what is not is half the fun. Imagine if Doctor Who had a block party, and then multiply it by about 10 and make it three days long. That is the Medieval Fair of Norman.

Next came a jaunt to the Travelers Cross Fantasy Faire in Strang. Hard to find, it was a nice divergence from my otherwise unplanned day in Tulsa. Plus, between tips, and sales, I just about broke even. I hope it grows stronger. It is the little start ups that have always kept me interested.

I happened to be in Southern California for the last weekend of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. I had not been there before, and I must say that I had a good time, but the day was quite a price cut above what I normally expect. I left flat broke. First off, the park charged $10 for parking. Really? Can't you guys cooperate and just add it to the already overpriced tickets? I appreciated the AAA discount which brought a single ticket down to about $22 (additional), but that is still $7 higher than our local large faire which also furnishes better parking at no extra charge. The acts had very large stages, which was good for large crowds, when they were filled, but I sadly passed many a large area wasted by lack of audience. I was also not excited by the jousting area... it was dusty and had metal bleachers. Over all, the performers get an A, and the place gets a C.

As a side note, I checked the FAQ, and they prohibit outside musical instruments because they fear buskers. Plus they searched my belt pouch, but I did not see them searching women's purses, so what was that all about?

Finally,  I managed to get out to Castleton on the last weekend. I did have a good time, and I must say I am impressed by the way it is being both maintained and added to on a yearly basis. There are large stage areas, and many smaller, more intimate ones, and the acts are enthusiastic. The only thing that marred my visit was my own stupidity. To save fifty cents, I bought my ticket online that morning, then I left my faire wallet on the desk in front of the computer. So the only money I had was the tip money that I had brought in dollar coins. I could eat (and leave some tips), but I could not purchase anything. Luckily, I also had enough gas to get home. Sigh.

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