I'm Always Looking for a Gimmick

posted Nov 15, 2013, 8:11 AM by Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder
I like cool ways to tote my stuff to faires. So, when I saw this chest at the new crafting supply store in Shawnee, I got it. I might not have purchased it except that it was cheap. I had a coupon, plus they were handing out gift cards that weekend - which I showed up early to stand in line for on two mornings during Fall break.
I began by staining it with some old walnut colored stain that I had lying around.
Of course, it required a logo... so, I pulled out a wood burning iron and practiced a little pyrography on the lid. Some gold leaf paint and sandpaper helped flesh that out.
I cut a board to fit inside, to which I glued many pirate treasure like baubles. I ran some old rail trim along the sides under it to hold it up as one large false bottom with a removable top.
Underneath the lid, I hid the basic trappings that I might take to a faire, as much as would fit inside.
The false bottom is (flip) reversible... which allows the chest to be used for displaying some of the wares as well.

So... what's your latest gimmick?