Here Comes the Groom? (More Tales from Middle Earth)

posted Feb 16, 2012, 8:45 AM by Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder   [ updated Feb 16, 2012, 11:22 AM ]
Posted by Fugli - February 1st, 2012

The Middle Earth Housing Staff came up with activities to try and keep us from getting into trouble. Irvine was relatively sparse back then, so “trouble” might mean danger to a cow in some field somewhere. I hear that there are still herds that tremble at the thought of our presence… well, not OUR presence. I’ll give that credit to Mirkwood.

Anyway, one of these activities was a fund raiser where people basically voted for their dorm building with money, and then the winning dorm got bragging rights and some sort of food supplement/dinner activity that the others didn’t. So Na, Na, Na! I do not remember what the money went for, but I do remember the thinly veiled ploy they used to cover the activity. We were supposed to vote for the top building bride and groom.

Bride and Groom? What was this? Prom night? This was college after all. Who’s thinking all that social political stuff here? I blamed Ernie, our PA for this ludicrous activity. So I made a nomination from the floor that Scott, our RS, should be the bride, and (since I knew Ernie wouldn’t go for it) I nominated Kay from the 201 suite as the groom. Why? Because even stupid stuff is funnier in drag,

1982 Kay as our Lorien Groom and Scott as our Bride

I was surprised when they went for it. Now, I know these pictures are grainy, but we didn’t have instant check it out digital photography in those days, so I didn’t know just how bad they were until the pics came back from the developers. These were not the official “vote for” photos, just my quick snap of their unveiling. We also can’t see Kay’s fishnet stockings in this pic.

Oh, and getting that hair on to Kay’s face was so much easier than taking it off. I learned that day that the peach fuzz hair on her face was very attached. I never had a problem with prosthetics on my face because I shaved. Later, when I put Mike in a skin head wig, I used that knowledge, and shaved the back of his neck first. He never stopped complaining about that.

Thanks to Barb Papik… here are better pictures of the happy couple (even though they came in second).