Gamin' it Old School

posted Apr 15, 2012, 3:38 PM by Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder   [ updated Apr 15, 2012, 3:39 PM ]

My posted information is usually art and music oriented. Even my blasts from the past have some sort of musical center. It’ is not often that I get overly nostalgic about gaming. I used to love a good game of just about anything, especially role playing games (RPGs). To tell the truth, I probably would still love it if I had time for it. Between everything else, it just takes too much of an investment of time these days. I can learn a song in the car on the way to or from something else, I cannot prepare for an RPG session in the same way.

Now the RPGs that I allude to are not your modern computer graphic worlds, but rather the old school theater of the mind version’s made popular back in the 70’s and 80’s by companies like TSR, GDW, and Chaosium. The sort that use pencils, papers, and dice. Enter Facebook, and reconnecting with people from the past: Some of my old High School Dungeons and Dragons pals are on my friend’s list, and I mean to out them here. Jay Ryan, Chris Hall, Ken White, Dan Cruger, and (later) Guy Vardaman are all there. I have had many more gamer friend’s since back then and many of them are on the same Facebook list, but those are the ones that helped start the magic flowing in my teens.

Why wax nostalgic about it? Well, Dan has been messaging me recently about some of our old first games, and the magic of the imagination that we shared. He has aven posted about it on his blog:

I remember Jay ran a very long game for many months in his parent’s dining room, and I ran several shorter adventures in many places, including my Father’s apartment, the park across the street, and for quite a stretch at Ken’s house. I also remember everyone eventually took the reigns running the games for a while.

By “ran” I mean that I was the writer of an adventure and arbitrator of the rules, the Dungeon Master (or more generically, the Game Master). Sometimes I would grab other written sources, but often I wrote my own. So, when Dan asked about some of those old adventures, I thought: You know I remember typing a bunch of those, on an actual typewriter. Then retranscribing much of it on an IBM clone during college. The maps are somewhere else, but the text should be archived... And what do you know... I found some of those old text files. Reformatting them is a bit of a bear, and I have to guess and remember the maps... but they were there.

So for Dan, and the rest of you that may have a nostalgic streak, I hope to post a few of those very old school Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (first edition) modules written by me as a teenager back in about 1978-82.

Please be kind, I was in my teens then after all. the world was a very different place, and I was in a more concrete mindset.