Crit or Myth (a 2020 release)

posted Jan 25, 2020, 6:08 AM by Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder

Crit or Myth? It’s a Crit. The year is 2020 (which is a double crit) , and January 25th this year is auspicious in many ways...
  1. It is my birthday.
  2. It is the 261st birthday of Robert Burns, the famed national poet of Scotland.
  3. It is the Lunar New Year (... and it was on the day I was born as well.)
  4. It is the eve of the 46th birthday of D&D.
  5. It is the official release date for Crit or Myth: my new collection of fantasy RPG music.
I had been wanting to put out a CD of AD&D oriented music for some time. My first campaign character ended up being a first edition Bard, and after all these years, I haven't let that go. The year 2020 provided me with as good an excuse as any.

I have put several versions of this collection in many places available on the internet... each is a little different with the extras that may come with it, but all contain the same great music.

Most of the versions come with an old school dungeon that I wrote back in 1979 for a Judges Guild contest. I re-edited it and added my own art, but it is still pretty bad.

Some of the versions also come with video of me singing some other fantasy type songs in performance.

Amazon - This version is a physical music CD, with a physical 24 page booklet that contains the dungeon mentioned above.

Amazon Music - This is just the music files for download. They are the same files available on CDBaby.

Bandcamp - This site is all about downloads, but the dungeon and video mentioned above are part of the album package.

CDBaby - This site has both music downloads like Amazon Music does, and it stocks physical copies of the discs I have for Faires. These are hybrid type discs that are made to play in CD players, but they also have data files on them for computer CD drives. So, they have both the dungeon and video.

Drive Thru RPG - I thought I would try something new, so I have submitted to this site. Again, there is the music, the dungeon, and video, plus a 3D printer file for a special Crit or Myth d20.

Looking for a CD review? Try this link.