Back to the Future, again

posted Apr 24, 2012, 2:54 PM by Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder
We've been sharing pictures from our time travel excursion, so I thought I'd pick a few out of the mix and highlight the trip. Thanks guys for the great pics.

When you're young and not as wise as we like to think of our selves today, today seems so far away (I'm sure there's a song in that... a depressing one).

Lorien Dormitory Portrait 1982
Lorien Dorm Portrait 1982

This is the official dormitory photograph from Lorien in 1982. See, we're just babes. Now I don't have the pics from Mesa Court, or even Misty Mountain or Mirkwood, so you'll have to imagine the other younger.

The building behind us is from the movie Poltergeist.

30 Years later, in 2012, we and some of our peeps (including friends, spouses, and even children) met together for the annual Wayzgoose Medieval fair on the University of California Irvine campus. This year, for the first time, they took out the medieval theme, but they didn't tell me, or the other medievalites either. Fie on them.

Misty Mountain Common Living Room (minus about 3 feet of width,
and without sliding glass doors for a patio)

Most of us had a connection to Middle Earth (one of the Dormitory complexes on campus), so we got in a group for a special tour to see how it had changed. Many new buildings had been added. The whole place had expanded, but the temporary buildings that we inhabited were still in use. Some raving bureaucrat, however, had taken out the fireplaces and added thickness to the walls. The common living areas were much smaller. We used to have dances here, with about 200 more square feet and sliding doors that opened like a patio (they open no more). They reduced the suite areas too. Fie again, I say.. but thanks for the peek ME staff.

30 Years later, with other previous campus dwellers

We even gathered together for a picture outside Lorien. They may have digital key locks now, but the bike rack is still there.

We did a little walking through the Wayzegoose and ended up walking over to Campus Village on campus apartments. Some of us moved here after the dorms. Then we exchanged a few phone numbers and wandered back over to the Wayzgoose to see the real entertainment.

Here we met back up with Jamie "the Red." formerly Steve "the sophomore roommate." He had to keep up the excitement by brandishing big metal weapons. Then we got some lunch and sat about yapping about old and new times. Then we came back and did more of the same.

Finally we graduated to dinner and reminisced... I listened a lot, and we went home tired... let's not wait 30 more years...