April Fools

posted Apr 1, 2013, 10:19 AM by Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder   [ updated Apr 1, 2013, 11:20 AM ]
Therefore, as it is written: “Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.”
(1 Corinthians 1:31)

So,... I’m listening to Inzinga and Spinozi on the Radio this morning, and they’re calling it David Lee Roth day. Now, it’s April 1st, so it’s April Fool’s Day, but they point out that Roth announced his solo career on April 1st, 1985, marking him as one or Rock and Rolls’ greatest fools. Which all leads me up to this story:

Last week I walked into the local music store to get some shorter patch cords and new strings. I may have been the only customer there, but I overheard the employees ongoing conversation about who’s all right in their global music world.

They were all talking around the register area, and I heard the question, “Do you like David Lee Roth?” Then they’re talking about how his blues seems more honest than his rock... No one wants to commit to liking him, and no one wants to tank him.

Next,  I’m hearing how Gene Simmons is an all right guy when the camera isn’t around, but Ace Freely is a real jerk. You know how it is, they’re name dropping for their music cred, but they think they’re not obvious about it. They’re saying, “I played with so and so, or I met him at such and such.” I got it. As I made my purchase, the guy behind the counter even  let me know that he thought Roth was cool enough for him. I smiled in a manner that I hope he took as approving. I smirked inwardly.

I was reminded of my original training at Disney University. Our guide/instructor pointed out that many of the rides in the park were sponsored by different companies. The idea was that each name, both Disney and the big corporation, seen side by side strengthened the reputation of the other. So, my very first ride assignment at Disneyland was Adventures Through Innerspace, and it was sponsored by Monsanto. It has since been replaced by Star Tours, of Star Wars fame.

Did I just do it? Did I name drop the fact that I worked for Disneyland? Does my cred change by association?

A couple few years ago, I helped chaperone a trip to the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival at the Castle in Muskogee with our history department. When I get a chance to go, I try to scope out the acts that I haven't seen before, especially the musicians. The Brobdingnagian Bards were playing on the Burns stage that year. I hadn’t seen them play in person before, and I share a birthday with Robert Burns, so I was doubly inclined to see them perform. To my surprise, Marc Gunn, of the Brobdingnagian Bards recognized me in the audience. Really, I was surprised, because we had never actually met before. Did I have cred? Do I have any more cred now that I told you about it?

Does it make a difference that I’ve met and played with musicians like Dustin Cooper, Rebecca Grotts, Trey Davis, or Sherri White? As long as I’m pulling out the stops, I could mention dinner with E. G. Marshall or playing D&D with Scott Douglas or Guy Vardaman, or the days I spent jamming with John Ylvisaker or Celia Whitler.

Do I have you Googling on your iPhones yet?

While you’re at it, Google 1 Corinthians 1, Galatians 6, and  2 Corinthians 10-12. Paul says, "Therefore, as it is written: ‘Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord.’” (1 Corinthians 1:31)   The theme that all boasting in one’s self is foolish goes well with today, April Fool’s Day, but yesterday was Easter. So how many people do we hear upping their cred with Jesus? Have you met? Would you like to? Let’s up your cred by introducing someone to the Lord.

If you haven’t been introduced, you’re welcome to come follow. As flawed as I am, I can help with that invitation. If you prefer, there are other volunteers/draftees willing to fulfill the role of guide/instructor.

In the short run, the people we meet matter. But, in the long run, there’s just one.