... and he is us.

posted Mar 5, 2013, 9:25 AM by Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder   [ updated Mar 11, 2013, 1:14 PM ]
Ever spot your name on the internet? If your name is relatively common, you may encounter this all the time. Common names abound, while uncommon names usually make it easier to find people. It's a trade off. If you are the sort looking for fame, a common name makes it hard to distinguish who you are among many. If you are looking for obscurity, the converse is true.

I recently saw my own pre-marriage name, "Jeremy Fowler," listed on a web site as a game designer, and I thought to myself "Cool, I should investigate who this person is." The name is actually not as common as it looks, but what do you know, he actually turned out to be me. Now I haven't used that name since 1986, so it had to be something old. I pondered what game I was credited designing? I didn't remember publishing anything back then.

Well, I guess I define designer differently than the writer of a module, but evidently the first module that I ever sent off to a publisher did get published back in December of 1980. Who knew? Evidently, not me.

Dungeoneers Journal #24

I remember thinking that it was a cool module at the time (I was in my teens after all), and I was a little disappointed that I not only didn't win anything, but that I was ranked so low in the judging standings. See, I recall that when they listed the contestants, I was near the end of the listing. I assumed they had listed the modules by judging ranks.

As I matured, I was a bit embarrassed at my own immaturity in the writing of the module. I guess we all have to start somewhere. I subjected the text to some minor rewriting later in college, and actually typed it into a data file later on to keep it in a smaller digital space.

The Dungeoneers Journal titled it Striek Hollous, after the nonsense fantasy language title that I gave it. You can find my last incarnation of it where I've posted it online for some old friends, under the title of Fanus in a previous posting.

(I think there may have been only one more issue of this magazine before it disappeared. I hope this module was not a determining factor.)

So... Of course I went to eBay and bought an unused copy for myself. Then I scanned it and I uploaded it to the previous posting mentioned above... enjoy... or heckle.