2014 Norman Invasion

posted Apr 11, 2014, 12:39 PM by Jeremy Fowler-Lindemulder
3D Fugli
Robert Thompson took this nifty 3D picture of me for the Find Fugli event

Yes, the pictures that I snapped over the three days of the Norman Medieval Fair are up online... and, you can find them here.

Even though it rained on Sunday, we still had three good days of fair. Really, is there any Medieval or Renaissance Fair that would disappoint you if fewer than 350,000 people showed up over a single weekend because it rained a little bit on Sunday? I got at least one post from someone who couldn't find me there, because there is just so much going on.

Over all, there had to still be over a quarter million patrons this year, Saturday was gorgeous until just at the end of the day when the temperature dipped. (I knew enough to wear thermal leggings under my nifty new red and black pants.) Many people did come out in the rain on Sunday, so I found awnings and roofs under which to busk until the early close at 5.

Here's how you find me at a fair... Look for the place where the most people will be with the least actual stuff happening. If there's a tree in the lane near shopping or food, but no stage nearby, I'm gonna clip my cloak to that tree (my cloak has my logo on it), spread a few wares, drop my tip cauldron, and play. People had to walk to the side of the tree anyway, I just widen its influence a little bit.

I also spent some time in the troubadour tent/stage this year. Very, nice little digs... Kudos... There's less of that disconnect between performer and audience that you find in the large open spaces. My preference is to interact with the people, and without that huge platform, or even the open space in between, people are so much more likely to approach with questions or interesting topics. Plus, there was less need for amplification. Over all, it was nice... although I did not stay in it for long. There was a limited number of patrons inside, and an infinite number out in the world.

And... as for that 3D image. It had the unfortunate background with a trash can near my head, so I edited out and pieced it together with a different background. Now I think we shoud do performer trading cards.... heh.